RFID Starter Kit for Arduino (incl. Uno R3)
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Modern electronic experimenter kits contain modules that just plug together rather than individual components so that now we can quickly get modules talking and then decide in software how the system behaves. Thanks to the wide selection of software library functions we can have a sketch up and running in no time.

These kits are worthy successors to the bags of loose components that were a feature of earlier experimenter’s kits. Electronic newbies, practicing engineers and old hands alike are sure to find that these kits interesting. The range of components is sure to get you thinking what you could use them for and they are a good way to build on your existing knowledge.

You’ll have no excuse not to go on to design and build your own system!

The ‘RFID Starter Kit for Arduino’ comes in a handy case and contains over 30 state-of-the-art components, devices and modules. Although it contains an RFID receiver module along with two RFID tags in the form of a credit card and key fob, the case is an Aladdin’s cave with loads of other useful components. To begin you will need an Arduino Uno along with the starter kit which amongst other things contains:

  • A humidity sensor;
  • A multicolor LED;
  • A large LED-Matrix with 64 LEDs;
  • 4 x 7-segment LED displays;
  • A handheld IR remote controller plus IR receiver chip;
  • A complete LC-Display module with I²C bus interface.

The wide range of peripherals included in the kit ensures the number of different experiments and applications you can build. Two example applications that can easily be built using this box of goodies have been described in an article published in Elektor Magazine: Universal weather station with LC-Display and Door entry system using RFID security. 

Kit Contents

  • LCD1602 with I²C
  • RC522 module
  • White card
  • Key chain
  • Joystick module
  • Key board
  • RTC module
  • Water level sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • RGB module
  • Motor driver module
  • Motor
  • 1 Channel module
  • MB-102 breadboard
  • 65 pcs jumper wire
  • 10 PCS F-M cable
  • Sound sensor module
  • Remote
  • 10 K potentiometer
  • 1 digital tube
  • 4 digital tube
  • Matrix tube
  • 9G servo
  • Buzzer
  • 2 pcs ball switches
  • 3 pcs photoresistance
  • 5 pcs switches with caps
  • 9 V battery with DC
  • 15 pcs LED
  • 30 pcs resistance
  • Flame sensor
  • IR receive sensor
  • 74HC595
  • LM35DZ
  • Uno R3 board


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