MAX232 TTL to RS232 IC
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MAX232 IC is widely used for serial communication among Microcontrollers & PC. The main function of this integrated circuit is to change the logic levels of TTL/CMOS to RS232 throughout the serial communication process.

Generally, a microcontroller works at TTL of about 0 to 5V while a computer operates on the standards of RS232 like -25 to +25V. So interfacing a computer with a microcontroller is not possible without a MAX232 IC. For example; if you want to connect a microcontroller to the serial pin of a laptop, then you must place MAX232IC among them.


  • It is available in 16-pin SOIC, PDIP & SO packages
  • Simple to Setup & Initialize
  • Operating Speed is120kbit/s
  • Operating Current is 8mA
  • Input Levels ±30V
  • Conversion IC from TTL or CMOS to RS232
  • At a time it supports two conversions like dual drivers & receivers
  • The simple way to change the TIA/ EIA 32 to CMOS/TTL is simply a 5V power supply.
  • A 1.0uF capacitor is used to resolve the issue of power decimation.
  • The voltage levels of RS232 devices are different in some cases
  • Its highest working temperature is 150o C.

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