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Do you wantt to add a display to your project? Use the 16x2 standard alphanumeric LCD display, they are extremely common and is a fast way to have your project show status messages.

The L1602 Alphanumeric LCD Display is a 16X2 character LCD display with a blue backlight. 16X2 Alphanumeric LCD Display has a 5V operating voltage and a 1.5mA supply current. The display is 80mm x 36mm in size and the display area is 65mm x 14mm. The L1602 Alphanumeric LCD Display is a popular choice for Arduino and other microcntroller projects. It is easy to interface with and can be used to display a variety of information.

The input voltage of the L1602 LCD Display is 5V. It can operate within a range of 4.7V to 5.3V. If you supply it with a voltage outside of this range, it may not work properly or may be damaged.

The L1602 LCD Display has a 1.5mA supply current. This means that it will consume 1.5mA of current when it is turned on. The backlight of the display consumes an additional 80mA of current. So, if you turn on the backlight, the display will consume a total of 81.5mA of current.
The L1602 LCD Display works on the principle of liquid crystals. Liquid crystals are a state of matter that has some properties of both liquids and solids. They are arranged in a regular lattice, like a solid, but they can flow like a liquid.

The L1602 LCD Display can display a variety of characters, including letters, numbers, and symbols. It can also be used to display images.

The working principle of the L1602 LCD Display is relatively simple. However, it is a very efficient way to display information. Liquid crystals are very energy-efficient, so the L1602 LCD Display consumes very little power. This makes it a good choice for applications where power consumption is a concern.

Key features:

  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • Supply current: 1.5mA
  • Display size: 80mm x 36mm
  • Display area: 65mm x 14mm
  • Backlight color: Blue
  • Contrast ratio: 100:1
  • Resolution: 16×2
  • Interface: Parallel 8-bit
  • Character size: 5×7 pixels
  • Characters per line: 16
  • Lines: 2
  • Backlight control: Software or jumper
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C to 70°C
  • Storage temperature range: -40°C to 85°C

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